To Receive a University Education or Not

There is a tendency nowadays that more and more Britain youngsters do not receive higher education due to some reasons. Thus, there appears the lack in skilled workers, who have higher technical and professional qualifications. This is the main reason for the government to create a special program that is aimed at making the potential students realize the benefits of higher education. The major argument of this program is that people, who received higher education, earns much more living than their uneducated counterparts. This campaign involves a lot of different methods; one of them is that teachers try to persuade their student that higher education opens and change the world for them. This means that teachers, working as tutors, do their best to show the student how beneficial higher education is for them. However, the problem lies in the following, most potential students have not used to higher education, since their relatives did not receive it either. Thus, the government is creating special programs for such poor families to make them change their mind. In this connection, there appear special qualifications in applied engineering, multi-media technology, and hotel management. Besides, there are a lot of fees, which do not need to be repaid. So, everything is done only for students.