Google + and it’s advantages

Use Google + help. Use of the menu “help” help to learn what’s going on Google +. For example, how to upload and share photos on Google +. Menu “help” also helps novelty in Google +. Fill in the menu of interest or “interest” under the feature “Sparks”. Enter the menu “add interest” in the flow (stream) Google + you. See the natural wonders and provided by Google + interest and information about your preferences simply by adding “add interest”. Being a greedy reader + Google. Reading about Google + seems to be coming soon on the Amazon site. Then not long after the user appears in the form of an e-book on the Kindle. Make it as easy as possible. Print and share tips on using Google + features. The key word if you want to search for on Google is “Google + cheat sheets”. Being a Google insider +. Join Google + insider will give an advantage for you to get the latest news and tips straight from Google. In it are many ways to learn Google +, ranging from the How-to, add-ons, updates, to play with Google +.