Student Consolidation Company

If you are looking for a student research company, you need to look no further. Your student loan consolidation company is the company with whom you already have your student loans. If you have federal student loans not only is the company you must use for your loan consolidation set, but so is the interest rate. The interest rate for your consolidated loan will be the weighted average of the interest rates for your individual loans. The good news is that for federal student loans the interest rates are reasonable and are fixed by law. Furthermore, for federal loans you are guaranteed a consolidation if you ask for one, and the student loan company cannot turn you down. You also have other rights, such as the right to defer your consolidated loan if you find yourself in financial difficulty and cannot pay your installments for a while. Also, if you happen to lose your job or have a long debilitating injury you can set up a payment schedule that is based on your actual income with very low payments. The trouble with this kind of arrangement is that it will take much longer to pay off the student loans, and there is no escaping paying off student loans, even through bankruptcy. Of course taking a longer time to pay off the loans means that eventually more interest will be due. All this, however, is better than letting your student loans go into default.