Article Writing: What Is Needed To Write One

When I learned article writing, I found out it was much like writing an essay in College. I started off by learning the five parts to a cheese pizza. It was simple actually.
Here are the five parts:
1. Give an introduction to your pizza: You went to a new pizza parlor and decided to try out their pizza.
2. Describe the crust: Was the crust crunchy or soft?
3. Describe the sauce: Was the sauce spicy or oily?
4. Describe the cheese. Was the cheese Mozzarella or Monterey Jack?
Ok from here, if you want to throw in the pepperoni and sausage, you can do that to. But we are talking about a basic cheese pizza.
5. Give a conclusion about your pizza. How was your pizza?
Simple right? You have here your essays and your article writings.
I use these five parts to a pizza, every time I write an article. If you can think of the five parts to the pizza, the you can think of five parts to any topic.