Movie Analysis: The Prestige

The Prestige, directed by Christopher Nolan in 2006 was a spectacular mystery that took you on adventure after adventure. The actors did a flawless job playing parts, and the props were all in their correct setting. However, by the best part of the movie was the plot. Two friends who performed illusions and tricks together were separated by a tragic event, which was the death of a wife. The husband blamed his friend for the death, which made them rivals till death. Throughout the movie they tried to get new tricks, until one finds one that isn’t magic, it’s real. Finally all the suspense builds out, and we find out how one of them ends up dying. At the very end, there is an amazing plot twists that wraps the whole movie up.

The acting in The Prestige was perfect. Christian Bale, who played Alfred Borden probably did the best job. His role involved playing character with two personalities. Each personality loved a different woman, and each of them acted in a different way. Hugh Jackman who played Robert Angier did an excellent job as well. Some of the powerful scenes were you could really see his acting skills were at his wife’s funeral. It definitely conveyed the fact that he blames Borden for the death of his wife. Angier’s role was that of a man who could never succeed unless he was better than the competition. He had a huge audience, and they clapped and cheered after each one of the performances. However, he never gave himself the recognition he deserved. A scene that shows this perfectly is when he tells his assistant to work for his friend instead. You could tell he meant business, as he played the character with ease.