Funding College Now!

We are here to help parents with college bound students to get their students through college in a comfortable manner without going broke, spending all their retirement savings or creating a mountain of debt.

How do we do that? Each family’s situation is unique, but there are some common themes. One area we focus on is maximizing the financial aid the family is eligible for. Most families wouldn’t turn down credits that the IRS will allow them to take on their tax return. The IRS doesn’t make you take the “Child Tax Credit”, the “First Time Home Buyers Credit” , the various “Educational Credits” and so on. You would have a valid and legal tax return if you didn’t claim these credits that you were entitled to. Of course you would be leaving money behind that you could have received when you did your taxes.

The college funding process has its own set of complex rules, just like taxes. We use ethical and legal methods to help you maximize the financial aid you receive. We can also work with you to do far more than that, if you wish, to make sure your student excels, and your wallet or purse has more in it at the end of their college years. How about working to get your student their degree in four years instead of the almost six years students are averaging now? Would that save a few dollars? You bet! See our About page for more information on that, plus explore our website for other great ideas and opportunities.