Stop paying for a college education, Invest in one!

Purchasing a home for your student while they attend college can not only pay for itself, but can even cover tuition and other expenses. Graduate with a jump on the real world! Gain real life lessons through student home ownership. Even make a profit AFTER college expenses are paid!

College Real Estate is committed to informing students and their parents about the alternative to dumping money into rent. We have spent years developing valuable resources and information that help guide, equip, and inform those who are interested in investing in their college education. It’s time to stop paying for a college education and start investing in one! Find out how many parents are using real estate to educate and invest in their children and future. Take advantage of our FREE services! Let College Real Estate’s extensive resources and experienced agents help you. For a more detailed and comprehensive look at how student homeownership can benefit you, here is your homework:

Read some of the press articles that have been collected from various media.
Visit the discussion forum to see how students and parents are networking with college real estate.
Take a look at the resources that have been designed to aid our clients in the process.
Contact us to determine if the Real Life Internship Program is right for you!
Check out the new CRE book! Just Released for pre sale!